Hochgelb | “High Yellow”

Colour and shape | Light and Effect

The task was to choose a color from Itten’s color circle and transfer it into a shape.It was also to consider the appearance of the shape at different times of day and thus different light situations.


“On the other hand, the yellow, when looked at directly (…) disturbs, stings, excites and shows the character of the violence expressed in the colour, which finally has a cheeky and obtrusive effect on the mind. This characteristic of the yellow (…) can be brought to a power and height unbearable to the eye and the mind. With this increase it sounds like an ever louder blown sharp trumpet.”

– Kandinsky

2D Design

Colin Gerst
Lea Dörr


Torsten Lassen


Hochschule für Gestaltung
Schwäbisch Gmünd

Renderings of “Hochgelb”

At five different times (6, 9, 12, 15, 18 o’clock) to let the form work under different lighting conditions.

Photos of “Hochgelb”

Simulation of the five times by studio lighting.


Finding a shape based only on a color was a big challenge for me at first – but in the end it was really fun. This task is assigned every semester at our university. I was fascinated to see how the respective color shapes resembled each other semester after semester. Primarily, Colin and I found our shape through 2D sketches. In retrospect, it would have definitely been helpful to find the shape in the three-dimensional, such as with clay. 

My contribution

I was equally involved as my project partner Colin in defining the shape and shooting the photos. In addition, I took care of the model construction.